Auction Zwack

Estimate your items for free

The first step in selling an item is to determine its value. You can send us photos of your items in advance. Our experts will try to estimate your items as best as possible on the basis of these photos - please understand that a 100% estimate is usually only possible when viewed personally.

Please send your items to "Laubenzedel 18 / 91710 Gunzenhausen - Germany". Please include your contact details and any special information about your items. We can also have particularly valuable items collected from you with our cash-in-transit service. The item is insured from collection to arrival, also during your stay at our auction house.



Decision to sell/consign

Based on the assessment of our experts, we decide whether your items are suitable for an auction.

If you decide that we should include your items in the auction, please fill out our order form and we will prepare your items for cataloging.

Via the order form, posting details, seller commission and, if necessary, other contractual conditions are determined.

Receiving Payment

In case of a successful auction of your item, the payment will be made to you in the manner specified by you in the order form (e.g. transfer to your bank account) 6 weeks after the end of the auction, as stipulated in our terms and conditions.

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